Chicken with Chempedak Seed

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Recipe Sharing Time. This is how I use Chempedak Seeds for my Chicken dish. I cooked 2 Chicken Drum Sticks, 2 Chicken Wings with Garlic, Red Chillies, Soya Sticks, Chempedak Seeds, Celery and Red Dates.

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Mustard Green Heads Stew with Chicken and Prawns

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Bought these Mustard Green Heads from Tiong Bahru Wet Market for S$7.50. Cooked a stew using these Mustard Green Heads with Chicken and Prawns.

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Non Spicy Chicken Breast

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Recipe Sharing Time. I cooked Non Spicy Chicken Breast with Onion, Brinjal, Fresh Shiitake and 1 Red Chillie without seeds for my Samurai since he does not take the Spicy Chillie Hot Chicken Back dish which I cooked for myself.

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Fuzhou Hong Zao Ji Mian Xian

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Raining day is a cool day in Singapore. This is the right time to serve Fuzhou Hong Zao Ji Mian Xian 福州红糟鸡面线 (a traditional signature dish from Fuzhou, China, Flour Vermicelli topped with Chicken with Red Yeast Fermented Rice Wine together with Rice Wine Lees)

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Sweat Free Cooking

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Sometimes, you just do not feel like cooking over the stove, or simply like to have an easy meal. Sharing with everyone two Sweat Free Cooking meal.

1. Baked Spanish Mackerels with veggies
2. Baked Bittergourd, Chicken Mid Wings & Potatoes in Curry Sauce

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