Three Stew Recipes

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Sharing with you how I cook three different Yummlicious stews with meats and different kinds of vegetables. The result: 3 kinds of Stews that are rich in flavour and pack with nutrients.

1. International Stew
2. Yummy Simple Stew
2. Yummy Guilt Free Stew

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Old Cucumber Soup serve with Mee Suah in Abalone Sauce

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Blessings from my kitchen in Singapore to all members reading my post. Day 16 on Circuit Breaker Mode, 22 April 2020. Today I made a Chinese All Time Favourite Old Cucumber Soup which Mothers love to cook and serve their family with. Then I serve it with Dried Mee Suah 面线 (“Mian Xian” in Mandarin, thin Longevity Wheat Flour Noodle) and Green Xiao Bai Cai (小白菜)。 This Old Cucumber Soup serve with Mee Sua in Abalone Sauce is a creative way of serving lunch.

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