Three Stew Recipes

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Sharing with you how I cook three different Yummlicious stews with meats and different kinds of vegetables. The result: 3 kinds of Stews that are rich in flavour and pack with nutrients.

1. International Stew
2. Yummy Simple Stew
2. Yummy Guilt Free Stew

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Barley Grain Fried Rice with Smoked Sausage

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Found some smoked sausages tucked in my fridge, so decided to make a Japanese Style Fried Rice using Barley Grains to go with my sausages.

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Barley Grain “Fried Rice”

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Ever thought of using the cooked White Pearl Barley Grains to make a healthy Rich-in-Fibres “Fried Rice”? Do pick up my ideas by following the Step By Steps photos in making Barley Grain “Fried Rice”.

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