Fish Maw, Potatoes & Sweet Peas in Oyster Sauce

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I love Fish Maw! Using my secret formula’s GEISHA CAT’S SPECIAL GINGER SAUCE I cooked Fish Maw, Potatoes with Sweet Peas flavoured with Oyster Sauce. Here is how I did it:

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Wax Duck, Lup Cheong with Yam in Coconut Sauce

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It is usually during the Chinese New Year period that we get to buy Waxed Duck Meat from the market. I created a very fragrant Waxed Duck Meat, Lup Cheong (Chinese waxed Sausages) with Taro Yam braised in Coconut Sauce for my loved ones during this Chinese New Year festive period.

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Three Stew Recipes

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Sharing with you how I cook three different Yummlicious stews with meats and different kinds of vegetables. The result: 3 kinds of Stews that are rich in flavour and pack with nutrients.

1. International Stew
2. Yummy Simple Stew
2. Yummy Guilt Free Stew

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