Sunny side up with Red & Greens

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Blessed Sunday to all. Sharing with you what I cooked for breakfast, a simple dish of Sunny side up with Red & Green. I serve it with a glass of 100% Natural Coconut water and a cup of of Teh Tarik.

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Collection of Savoury Oatmeal Recipes 4

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In this post, I am sharing with everyone three Yummy Savoury Oatmeal Recipes.

1. Yummy Savoury Oatmeal 1 (using Oatmeal with KNORR brand Instant Spinach with 3 kinds Cheese Potage)

2. Yummy Savoury Oatmeal 2 (using Oatmeal with Luncheon Meat)

3. Yummy Savoury Oatmeal 3 (simply Oatmeal)

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Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)

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Konnichiwa (Good day). Blessed Friday from Singapore though my heart is thinking of my family in Japan. Readers, wherever you are, please stay safe. Today, I am making myself a “Amakuchi Chawanmushi(Sweet Taste Egg Custard Steamed In a Bowl) as my comfort food to start my day.

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