Collection of Salmon Fishhead recipes

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A collection of Salmon Fishhead recipes which I had cooked for my loved ones in my wonderland kitchen.

1. Salmon Head Nabe
2. Claypot Fishhead soup
3. Salmon Fishhead soup
4. Salmon Fishhead with veggies

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Sweat Free Cooking

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Sometimes, you just do not feel like cooking over the stove, or simply like to have an easy meal. Sharing with everyone two Sweat Free Cooking meal.

1. Baked Spanish Mackerels with veggies
2. Baked Bittergourd, Chicken Mid Wings & Potatoes in Curry Sauce

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Sweetcorn Bacon Roll

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Wishing all members a GOOD FRIDAY from my kitchen in Singapore. Today is our Day 4 on CIRCUIT BREAKER MODE in Singapore. Got to ration the stock I have for cooking till 4 May.
Today, I am cooking a simple dinner of Sweetcorn Bacon Roll for two person. I am using 1 Corn on the Cob, 2 big slices of Bacon and 6 Asparagus.

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Claypot Barley “Porridge” in Salmon Broth

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Blessed Tuesday to all readers. From my kitchen in Singapore I am sharing how to cook this Claypot Barley “Porridge” with Leek, Corn, Silver Baits (Shirauo in Japanese) in Salmon Broth, using Salmon bones, Ginger and White part of Spring Onion. Good cooking needs passion and patience!

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