Stir Fry Yellow & White Rice Noodle

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Blessed Wednesday from my kitchen in Singapore to all reader here. It has been a busy day for me because at 11am I went to Kinokuniya Book Store at Takashimaya to collect my books that I ordered. Then zoomed across to Paragon to order the packed Japanese Lunch Box for my Samurai as lunch and went to have my favourite Nasi Lemak Tower for my lunch.
Then I went to supermarket to get my ingredients for cooking the next 10 days and also grabbed some canned food to keep stock. After that the whole afternoon was spent with my assistant doing some desk works.

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Claypot Barley “Porridge” in Salmon Broth

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Blessed Tuesday to all readers. From my kitchen in Singapore I am sharing how to cook this Claypot Barley “Porridge” with Leek, Corn, Silver Baits (Shirauo in Japanese) in Salmon Broth, using Salmon bones, Ginger and White part of Spring Onion. Good cooking needs passion and patience!

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