Three Stew Recipes

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Sharing with you how I cook three different Yummlicious stews with meats and different kinds of vegetables. The result: 3 kinds of Stews that are rich in flavour and pack with nutrients.

1. International Stew
2. Yummy Simple Stew
2. Yummy Guilt Free Stew

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Guo Tie Tofu

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Recipe Sharing Time: I have been craving for a Clay pot dish of Guo Tie Tofu 锅贴豆腐, which is Tofu simmered with Prawns, Small Black Fungus, Capsicums and Spring Onion in a Clay pot. Read on for the steps to cook this dish..

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Fuzhou Hong Zao Ji Mian Xian

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Raining day is a cool day in Singapore. This is the right time to serve Fuzhou Hong Zao Ji Mian Xian 福州红糟鸡面线 (a traditional signature dish from Fuzhou, China, Flour Vermicelli topped with Chicken with Red Yeast Fermented Rice Wine together with Rice Wine Lees)

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Another Meatless dish using Tau Kwa

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STAY AT HOME for your own good. Get the dried stuffs (3 TBS Dried Lily Buds, 3 TBS Dried small Black Fungus, 8 Dried Red Dates) from my pantry, 8 Sweet beans and 1 piece of Tau kwa 豆干 (firm Soya Bean Cake, pronounced as Dou Gan in Mandarin) which is the remainder from the packet I cooked few days ago. (A meatless dish using Tau Kwa) I kept it in a tupperware soaked with Water and 1 tsp Salt in the chiller to prolong its shelf life. Using these ingredients to cook another Meatless dish using Tau Kwa to serve with White Rice.

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A meatless dish using Tau Kwa

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Blessed Wednesday from my kitchen in Singapore. Today I created a Meatless Dish using Tau Kwa (Cotton Tofu with a harder texture, 豆干, pronounced as Dou Gan in Mandarin), Chinese Leek, Small Dried Black Fungus, (云耳,Yun Er in Mandarin) & Red Dates.

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