Collection of Sweet Soup Dessert 4

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I am sharing on how I cook four different type of Sweet Soup Dessert recently

1. Red Azuki Beans with Fresh Orange Rind & Snow Fungus Sweet Dessert
2. Black and White Glutinous Rice Dessert
3. Red Bean Thai Riceberry Dried Logan Sweet Dessert
4. Sweet Potato, Dried Cherry Tomato, Dried Longan Sweet Dessert

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Sweat Free Cooking

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Sometimes, you just do not feel like cooking over the stove, or simply like to have an easy meal. Sharing with everyone two Sweat Free Cooking meal.

1. Baked Spanish Mackerels with veggies
2. Baked Bittergourd, Chicken Mid Wings & Potatoes in Curry Sauce

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Red Bean Thai Riceberry Dessert

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Feeling a bit bored staying home due to the fast spread of CoronaVirus cases. Make a Comfort dish, Red Bean Thai Riceberry Dessert from my kitchen in Singapore using Azuki Red Beans and Thai Rice Berry.

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Onion & Tomato infused Curry Flavour Chicken

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Created a new dish for our dinner tonight. Using Meat Curry Powder, Chicken, Onion. Tomatoes and Coconut Cream to make a rich in Onion & Tomato infused Curry flavour Chicken which I serve with Creamy Potato Balls.

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