Daikon Recipes

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Sharing with readers out there two different Recipes which I develop recently using Daikon (White Radish).

1. Stewed Daikon with Salmon Trimmings & Garlic
2. Daikon, Apple & Orange Rind Sweet Dessert
3. Bonus Recipes

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Japanese Salmon Fishhead with Daikon & Leek

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From my kitchen in Singapore, on Day 18 Circuit Breaker Mode, 24 April 2020. Today I am doing a yummy and fragrant Simmer Cooked Claypot Japanese Salmon Fishhead with Daikon & Leek in Japanese Bonito flavour Cooking sauce (*Mizkan brand Oi Katsuo Tsuyu) & Japanese Yamasa brand Shoyu (Soy Sauce). This dish is Japanese Traditional Home- style Cooking.

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