French Fusion Pot-au-feu

French Fusion Pot-au-feu
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Pot-au-feu in Curry flavour. Yes, I created this French Fusion Soup (French Fusion Pot-au-feu) for my readers here from my kitchen in Singapore.


Ingredients for French Fusion Pot-au-feu

For the ingredients I have 1 TBS Butter, 1/3 cup of roughly chopped Bacon and 4 Smoked Sausages( diagonally cut to short length).

I also have 1 Onion cut to wedges, 3 Potatoes diagonally cut to chunks and half a Cabbages cut to big pieces.

Other ingredients includes KNOOR Brand Aromat Vegetable Enhancer, 2 TBS Meat Curry Powder, 200ml Coconut Cream in packet, 1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt or to taste and 1/2 tsp Sugar or to taste.


Cooking in progress

First in my Vision Pot I melt Butter and add in Bacon to saute till fragrant. Then add in Onion to saute till fragrant.

Cooking in progress

Put in Potatoes and Curry Powder to saute together till fragrant. Sprinkle in a little water to prevent sticking to the base of pot when you do the frying. Add in Sausages.

Cooking in progress

Add in 4 cups water, cover with lid and bring to boil for 10 mins. Open the lid and add in 1/2 tsp KNOOR Vegetable Enhancer and Cabbage. Cover with lid and continue boiling for 5 more mins.

Cooking in progress

Open lid and add in 200ml Coconut Cream, Salt and Sugar to taste.

French Fusion Pot-au-feu

As soon as the Coconut Cream comes to a boil off heat and ready to serve.

French Fusion Pot-au-feu

This portion is enough to serve to two persons with extra helping. This French Fusion Pot-au-feu is so tasty. Do try cooking.

French Fusion Pot-au-feu
This French Fusion Pot-au-feu is so tasty.


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