Collection of Salmon Fishhead recipes

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A collection of Salmon Fishhead recipes which I had cooked for my loved ones in my wonderland kitchen.

1. Salmon Head Nabe
2. Claypot Fishhead soup
3. Salmon Fishhead soup
4. Salmon Fishhead with veggies

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Daikon Recipes

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Sharing with readers out there two different Recipes which I develop recently using Daikon (White Radish).

1. Stewed Daikon with Salmon Trimmings & Garlic
2. Daikon, Apple & Orange Rind Sweet Dessert
3. Bonus Recipes

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Japanese Salmon Fishhead with Daikon & Leek

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From my kitchen in Singapore, on Day 18 Circuit Breaker Mode, 24 April 2020. Today I am doing a yummy and fragrant Simmer Cooked Claypot Japanese Salmon Fishhead with Daikon & Leek in Japanese Bonito flavour Cooking sauce (*Mizkan brand Oi Katsuo Tsuyu) & Japanese Yamasa brand Shoyu (Soy Sauce). This dish is Japanese Traditional Home- style Cooking.

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Claypot Barley “Porridge” in Salmon Broth

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Blessed Tuesday to all readers. From my kitchen in Singapore I am sharing how to cook this Claypot Barley “Porridge” with Leek, Corn, Silver Baits (Shirauo in Japanese) in Salmon Broth, using Salmon bones, Ginger and White part of Spring Onion. Good cooking needs passion and patience!

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