Collection of Rice porridge recipes

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A collection of 3 different Rice Porridge recipes which I had cooked recently.

  1. Rice Porridge with Pork Bone & Cabbage
  2. Bah Kut Teh Porridge
  3. Garlic & Tomatoes Porridge
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Tau Kwa Long Beans & Mushroom Stir Fry

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For today’s lunch I cook this side dish to go with my Rice Porridge cooked with Garlic and Tomato (Please click for here for the recipe). This side dish is Yellow Tau kwa 豆干,(a firmer type of Soy Bean Cake), Long Beans & Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry.

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Collection of Tanmen recipes 2

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A collection of Tanmen recipes (soup) version. Read on to find out how I can make variations to turn Instant noodle (Myojo Shrimp Tanmen) into a nutritious, healthy balanced meal.

1. Tanmen with Luncheon Meat
2. Tanmen with Shrimp Wanton
3. Tanmen with Soya puff
4. Tanmen with Pork Leg and mushroom

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Chinese Veggie Medley dish

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Today don’t want to risk dining out so I cooked with Love and Passion for my Samurai a Chinese Veggie Medley dish. (Vegetarian dish with Chinese Dried ingredients in Lam Yu)

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