Summary page (Radio recordings)

Explore this page for past radio recordings and recipes by the late CATherina Hosoi over the past 30 years.

Baking Recipes Recordings

榴莲‘玛芬’小松糕 Durian Muffin
燕麦芝士饼干 Quaker Oats Cheese Cookies

Cake Recipes Recordings

香蕉核桃蛋糕 All time Favourite Banana Walnut Cake
巧克力樱桃小切蛋糕 Chocolate Cherry Cut Cake

Dessert Recipes Recordings

鲜橙果冻 Orange Jelly
宴客黄梨布丁甜品 Party Pineapple Upside-down Pudding

Festive Recipes Recordings

鮑魚魚鰾燙 Abalone Fish Maw Soup
海參燜豬手 Braised Sea Cucumber with Trotter
贺年椰香饼 CNY Coconut Cookies
贺年花生饼 CNY Peanut Cookies
新年花生煎堆 CNY Peanut Golden Balls
贺年合桃饼 CNY Walnut Cookies
横财就手 Cola Pork Leg
金條滿屋 Gold Strips at Home
鴻福慶新年 Good Fortune Whole Year Round
娘惹旺来虾 Nonya Pineapple Prawns

Japanese Recipes Recordings

绿茶冷面 Cha Soba
日式牛肉煲 Classic Nikujaga

Nonya Recipes Recordings

娘惹豆酱鸡 Nonya Ayam Pongteh
娘惹家常豆腐咸鱼汤 Nonya Homestyle Tofu Salted Fish Soup

Rice & Noodles Recipes Recordings

保健肉丸粥 Healthy Meat Ball Rice Porridge
鲍鱼菇鸡肉炒果条 Oyster Mushroom Chicken Fried Kway Teow
芋頭飯 Yam Rice

Snacks & Kuehs Recipes Recordings

椰餡甜卷糕 Kueh Dadar
碧绿韭菜饺 Emerald Chives Dumpling

Soup Recipes Recordings

包菜卷汤 Cabbage Parcel Soup
排骨红豆香味汤 Fragrant Red Bean Ribs Soup

Tofu & Vegetables Recipes Recordings

宽菜小银鱼 Chinese Spinach with Silver Baits
豆腐存宝 Tauhu Sumbat

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