Fuzhou Hong Zao Ji Mian Xian

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Raining day is a cool day in Singapore. This is the right time to serve Fuzhou Hong Zao Ji Mian Xian 福州红糟鸡面线 (a traditional signature dish from Fuzhou, China, Flour Vermicelli topped with Chicken with Red Yeast Fermented Rice Wine together with Rice Wine Lees)

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Collection of Savoury Oatmeal Recipes 4

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In this post, I am sharing with everyone three Yummy Savoury Oatmeal Recipes.

1. Yummy Savoury Oatmeal 1 (using Oatmeal with KNORR brand Instant Spinach with 3 kinds Cheese Potage)

2. Yummy Savoury Oatmeal 2 (using Oatmeal with Luncheon Meat)

3. Yummy Savoury Oatmeal 3 (simply Oatmeal)

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Stir fry Pork slices, Preserved Radish, Beansprout & Goji Berries

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Today I cooked a Japanese Home-style Dish “Buta Niku, Shinachiku, Moyashi, Goji Berry No Itame”. (Stir fry dish made of Pork slices, Preserved Radish, Beansprout & Goji Berries). This can be served with Rice or as a topping for a noodle dish. (See my post on Tanmen with Stir Fry Pork dish)

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Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)

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Konnichiwa (Good day). Blessed Friday from Singapore though my heart is thinking of my family in Japan. Readers, wherever you are, please stay safe. Today, I am making myself a “Amakuchi Chawanmushi(Sweet Taste Egg Custard Steamed In a Bowl) as my comfort food to start my day.

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