A meatless dish using Tau Kwa

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Blessed Wednesday from my kitchen in Singapore. Today I created a Meatless Dish using Tau Kwa (Cotton Tofu with a harder texture, 豆干, pronounced as Dou Gan in Mandarin), Chinese Leek, Small Dried Black Fungus, (云耳,Yun Er in Mandarin) & Red Dates.


First I cut 1 big square of Taukwa to finger width slices, soak 3 TBS Dried Small Black Fungus in 250ml tap water to expand. It takes just 15 mins, then cut soften Black Fungus to smaller pieces. Next, divide white stems from green leaves of 7 stalks Chinese Leek and diagonally cut to slices. Lastly, soak Red Dates in water and remove seeds.


Cooking in progress

First step is to heat up 2 TBS Sunflower Oil in my non stick wok, then I pan fried Taukwa till both sides turn golden.

Cooking in progress

Second step: I add in white stems from Chinese Leek and stir fry with Tau Kwa for 2 mins.

Third Step: After that add in the small Black Fungus, Green Leek Leaves n Red Dates to fry for 3 mins.

Cooking in progress

Fourth step: Next add in a little KNORR brand Aromat Veggie Enhancer and 1/2 cup Water, cover with lid and cook for 3 mins.

Open the lid and add in 1 tsp Himalayan Salt and 1 tsp Sugar and stir well. Lastly dribble in the mixture of 1 tsp Cornstarch diluted in 3 tsp Water.

a meatless dish using Tau Kwa
A Meatless Dish using Taukwa, Chinese Leek, Small Dried Black Fungus & Red Dates.

Tada, my yummy Meatless dish using Tau Kwa is ready for the two of us. You can serve it with Rice or serve on top of Noodle or Udon. But we just eat it without any carbo tonight.


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