Another Meatless dish using Tau Kwa

another meatless dish using tau kwa
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STAY AT HOME for your own good. Get the dried stuffs (3 TBS Dried Lily Buds, 3 TBS Dried small Black Fungus, 8 Dried Red Dates) from my pantry, 8 Sweet beans and 1 piece of Tau kwa 豆干 (firm Soya Bean Cake, pronounced as Dou Gan in Mandarin) which is the remainder from the packet I cooked few days ago. (A meatless dish using Tau Kwa) I kept it in a tupperware soaked with Water and 1 tsp Salt in the chiller to prolong its shelf life. Using these ingredients to cook another Meatless dish using Tau Kwa to serve with White Rice.


Ingredients: 1 piece Tau Kwa, 8 Dried Red Dates, 3 TBS Dried small Black Fungus , 3 TBS Dried Lily Buds, 8 Sweet beans.

First I soak Dried Lily Buds, Dried small Black Fungus and Dried Red Dates in tap water.

Dried Lily Buds remove hard part from end and tie to knots.

When softened, I pluck away the hard both ends from Lily Buds and tie to knots. Than I cut Small Black Fungus to shreds and cut Red Dates to quarters.

cut taukwa to small dice

Cut Taukwa to small dices.


cooking in progress

Heat up 1 TBS Sunflower Oil in the non stick fry pan n pan fry Taukwa till both sides become golden. Add in Black Fungus and Lily Bud knots, saute and toss well.

cooking in progress

Next add in a few dashes of KNORR brand Aromat Enhancer, Red Dates and 1/4 cup water, cover with lid and bring to boil till water dries up.

Cooking in progress

Lastly open lid, put in the 8 Sweet Beans with strings removed, add in 1 tsp Himalayan Salt and 1/2 tsp Sugar, heat through, toss well and off the heat. Another meatless dish using Tau Kwa is ready to serve with Rice. A very yummy dinner for two.


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