Chicken with Chempedak Seed

Chicken with Chempedak Seed
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Recipe Sharing Time. This is how I use Chempedak Seeds for my Chicken dish. I cooked 2 Chicken Drum Sticks, 2 Chicken Wings with Garlic, Red Chillies, Soya Sticks, Chempedak Seeds, Celery and Red Dates.


ingredients for Chicken with Chempedak Seed

First season 2 Chicken wings and 2 Chicken drum sticks with 2 TBS Hua Tiao Wine and 2 TBS AAA brand Steaming Fish Sauce.

Remove skin from 1 whole bulb of Garlic. Remove seeds from 2 Red Chillies and cut to slices. Remove seeds from 10 Red Dates.

Pour hot boiling water to half Packet of Soya stick to soften and cut to short pieces. Cut Celery to short lengths.

I am using precooked Chempedak Seeds which I save up last week after eating the fruits. The seeds were boiled, peeled and stored in freezer.


In a wok heat up 1 TBS Oil, saute Garlic and Red Chillie till fragrant.

Add in Marinated Chicken with marinade, saute till chicken changes color.

Add in 500ml water and Soya Stick. Boil with cover till water reduces to half.

Add Chempedak Seeds and Red dates. Season with 1 tsp Sugar, 2 TBS Oyster sauce and 1 TBS Caramelised Dark Soys Sauce.

Cover and simmer cook till gravy nearly dries up.

Open lid and toss in Celery to mix well.

Chicken with Chempedak Seed

Off fire and ready to serve with Rice. The Chempedak Seeds taste like mini Yam and thickens up the gravy. Very tasty.

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