Braise Peanuts with Teriyaki Sauce

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Created a Braised Peanut dish as snack, it can be served as a starter too. This time using Teriyaki Sauce to braise Peanuts.

snapping peanuts

Patiently I snapped to obtain the peanuts from the husks. Then soak the nuts in a tupperware of tap water and chill overnight in the fridge. Before cooking, drain and weigh. I got nearly 1Kg of soaked nuts.

Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce
Kikkoman Brand Teriyaki Sauce
Ingredients for Braise Peanuts with Teriyaki Sauce
Ingredients for Braise Peanuts: 1 KG peanuts (without shells), 2 Red Chillies, 5 inches of Konbu, half cup Teriyaki sauce, Salt, Sugar and Water.

For the braising ingredients, I have 2 Red Chillies, 1 cut of 5 inches long dried Konbu (sea kelp), half cup of *KIKKOMAN Brand Japanese Teriyaki Sauce, 2 TBS Salt, 2 TBS Sugar and 500ml water. Fill all these into my Electric Pressure Cooker.

Electric Pressure cooker

On the switch and set to “BEAN” Cooking mode. When cooked, release the pressure completely before opening the lid to serve. I have got fragrant tasty Peanuts to snack & my kitchen is so aromatic.

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