You Tiao Potage

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Presenting to you a different way of using You Tiao 油条 (deep fried dough stick) to cook a nutritious breakfast (can also be a light meal by itself).


Ingredients for You Tiao Potage
I need 50g Australian Butternut Pumpkin a small handful of Enoki Mushrooms 3 Okra and one You Tiao
Ingredients for You Tiao Potage

First, I had 50g Australian Butternut Pumpkin which I cut to thin shreds, a small bundle of Enoki Mushrooms which I cut to shorter length and 3 Okra cut to 1 cm length. Next, I scissor cut a pair of You Tiao to 1 cm pieces.

For seasoning, I am using Bovril brand Savoury Soup Stock.


Cooking Butternut Pumpkin

First boil Pumpkin in 500ml water till soft.

Cooking in progress

Than, add in Enoki Mushrooms, Okra and You Tiao to heat through.

Add in 1 tsp of Bovril brand Savoury Soup Stock, have a good stir and ready to serve.

You Tiao Potage
You Tiao Potage
You Tiao Potage with Bittergourd tea

I paired my You Tiao Potage with a cup of Bittergourd Tea. I take responsibility for my health. Eat Mindfully and selectively.


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