Stir fry Pork slices, Preserved Radish, Beansprout & Goji Berries

Stir fry Pork slices, Preserved Radish, Beansprout & Goji Berries
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Today I cooked a Japanese Home-style Dish “Buta Niku, Shinachiku, Moyashi, Goji Berry No Itame”. (Stir fry dish made of Pork slices, Preserved Radish, Beansprout & Goji Berries). This can be served with Rice or as a topping for a noodle dish. (See my post on Tanmen with Stir Fry Pork dish)


First I need 200g Pork slices which I season with 1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt, 1/4tsp Sugar, 1 TBS Cooking Sake and 1 TBS Katakuriko (Potato Starch). Leave aside for 10 mins.

Next Cut 5 white stalks of Homegrown Spring Onion to 1 inch length.
Rinse 300g of Moyashi (Beansprout).

Get ready 3 TBS minced Sweetened Shinachiku (Sweetened minced Preserved Radish or the Chinese Hokkien calls it as Chai Por) and rinse 3 TBS Goji Berries.


Saute green part of spring onion

First heat up 1 TBS Sunflower Oil in a non stick fry pan. Drop in Spring Onion White stalks to fragrant.

Adding in Sweetened Preserved Radish

Next add in 3 TBS sweetened Shinachiku to fragrant.

Add in pork

Than add in the seasoned Pork slices to fry till colour changes.

Add in 1 TBS Mirin (sweet Rice Wine) and 1 TBS Sesame Oil.

Add in bean sprouts

After that, put in the Moyashi (Beansprout) to fry to heat through.

Add in goji berries

Lastly mix in the Goji Berries to heat through for 1 minute. Off heat and serve with White Rice or use as a topping for noodle.

Stir fry Pork slices, Preserved Radish, Beansprout & Goji Berries

The sweetened Shinachiku is salty so its not necessary to add in Salt when you fry the Moyashi since I had seasoned the Pork with Salt earlier. The crunchy Beansprout tastes so good with Shinachiku & Pork. Do try this in your kitchen.


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