Facebook Posts: 09 to 13 Oct 2020

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A collection of CATherina Hosoi’s facebook posts from 09 Oct 2020, Friday to 13 Oct 2020, Tuesday.

09 Oct 2020 Friday

My Rooftop Garden

Sitting at the entrance of my home to wait for Celina Low’s arrival this afternoon. She was so kind to bring me Curry Leaves & Lemon Mint for planting for my Rooftop Garden. We took photos at the Rooftop Garden together. I treasure friendship.


Nice Selfie

A big pink flower to wish you a blessed day.


Recipe Sharing: 7 Treasure Tong Sui

7 Treasure Tong Sui

My family and friends enjoyed this 7 Treasure Tong Sui 糖水 I cooked. Can be eaten piping hot or chill in the fridge, to be eaten cold….(read more….)

10 Oct 2020 Saturday

Afternoon Tea Snack

Baked Banana Mixed Berries Yogurt Cakes
Baked Banana Mixed Berries Yogurt Cakes

Baked Banana Mixed Berries Yogurt Cakes for Afternoon Tea Snack. My kitchen is filled with tempting aroma.


11 Oct 2020 Sunday

Going out for lunch

CATherina Hosoi
CATherina Hosoi

Happy blessed Sunday. Waiting at my entrance for friends’ pick up to go for lunch together. I have packed my baked Banana Mixed Berries Yogurt cakes for them. I treasure friendship.


12 Oct 2020 Monday

Recipe Sharing: Frittata CATherina Style

Frittata CATherina Style

I developed this FRITTATA dish for my One Person meal. I first saute 8 Cherry Tomatoes in 2TBS Butter for 2 mins, then …..(read more….)

Do check out my other recipes in my Blog@CatherinaHosoi.com


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Sunday Outing

Enjoyed our Sunday outing at the Marina at Sentosa, Singapore. Nice weather and good view.


13 Oct 2020 Tuesday

Happy blessed Tuesday to all

Happy blessed Tuesday to all.


Blue Pea flowers

Joy to see my Blue Pea Flowers growing healthily and blooming with flowers after I transplanted it in a new planter box in my newly renovated Roof Garden. Saw 2 pods of seeds growing from the plant too. Also my small flower pot of Blue Pea Plant tied to my Black Back Gate also blooming too. It is amazing because the small pot only has 1 branch growing.

Read about my post on: About Blue Pea Flower


Not for Baking Use

Attention. This is not recommended for baking use.


Kang Kong Flower

Happy to see my Kangkong veggie blooming with white flower again.


Recipe Sharing: Barley Grain Casserole

Recipe sharing time. I cooked One Person Casserole as my Alone Dinner tonight. In a small casserole….(read more….)

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