Toss Yellow Noodle

Toss Yellow Noodle
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With my harvested own grown Beansprout from Mung Beans ( Click for my blog post on Growing Beansprouts Step by Step ), this is how I make a Toss Yellow Noodle Dish with it.


Ingredients for yellow toss noodle
Ingredients for Yellow Toss noodle
Cooking in progress

I have 3 small bundles of Dried Yellow Noodle, 1 small packet Shredded Dried Preserved Sichuan Vegetables 四川菜, a few stalks of Spring Onion divide white & Green sections and cut to smaller length and 2 Red Chillies remove seeds & cut to thin shreds. Of course, some of my own grown Bean sprouts.

For condiments, I need 2 TBS Abalone Sauce or Oyster Sauce & 1 TBS Sesame Oil, 1 TBS Sunflower Oil, 1 tsp Sugar, 1 TBS Hua Teow Wine and 1 TBS Light Soya Sauce.


Cooking in progress

First boil Dried Yellow Noodle in rapidly boiling Water till al dente, drain away water.

Cooking in progress

Toss Noodle in 2 TBS Abalone Sauce (Oyster Sauce) & 1 TBS Sesame Oil.

Cooking in progress

Next, heat up 1 TBS Sunflower Oil to saute white part of Spring Onion till fragrant, add in Sichuan Preserved Vegetable shreds and 1 tsp Sugar.

Cooking in progress

Then toss in Beansprouts, Green part of Spring Onion and Red Chillie shreds. Finally, swirl in 1 TBS Hua Teow Wine and 1 TBS Light Soya Sauce.

Toss Yellow Noodle

Off fire and pour the mixture over the tossed Noodle and serve immediately. The Beansprouts taste very crunchy in this Toss Yellow Noodle dish. Yummy.


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