Healthy Fried KL Black Noodle

Healthy KL Fried Black Noodle
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I just had this own cooked KL FRIED BLACK NOODLE as lunch. KL stands for Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Whenever we go to KL, we look for the famous stall selling this noodle. Let me show you how I cook the healthy no guilt version from my Singapore kitchen


Ingredients for Healthy Fried KL Black Noodle

I have 500g sliced Pork, which I marinate with 1 tsp Salt, 1/2 tsp Sugar, a dash of Pepper, 2 TBS Rice Wine and 2 tsp Cornstarch. Saute the meat mixture with 2 TBS Sunflower Oil and 1 TBS chopped Garlic till cooked. Keep 1/2 portion of the cooked Pork to use for the next meal.

Other ingredients include 250g shelled Shrimps, 1 bundle Chives 韮菜 (cut to 2 inch length), 200g Beansprouts, 3 small bundles of Xiao Bai Cai 小白菜(or any green veggies) and 1 packet (450g) of Yellow Noodle.

For seasoning, I have some Oyster Sauce, Dark Caramelised Soya Sauce, Salt and Sugar to taste.


Cooking in progress

After frying the Pork and scoop out half portion to keep for the next meal, add to the wok another 1 TBS Sunflower Oil with 1 TBS chopped Garlic.

Next, add in Shrimps to saute till colour changes.

Cooking in progress

Loosen Yellow Noodle and add in to saute. Add in half cup water, 1 TBS Dark Caramelised Soya Sauce and 2 TBS Oyster sauce over, toss and cover with lid to simmer for 3 mins.

Cooking in progress

Add in Chives, Beansprouts and toss well.

Cooking in progress

Lastly, sprinkle in 1 tsp Sugar and 1/2 tsp Salt, cover with Xiao Bai Cai or any green veggie to heat through, toss well.

Healthy Fried Black Noodle

Off heat and ready to serve this No Guilt Lots of Veggies Healthy KL FRIED BLACK NOODLE. This portion serves 3 pax with extra helpings


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