Fresh mint soup

Fresh mint soup
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Blessed Friday from my kitchen in Singapore. STAY AT HOME to cook nice food and share here to all readers. As I was checking my fridge, I found 2 big bunches of Fresh Mint. As I have some Dried Prawns and 2 Salted Eggs, I decided to cook Fresh Mint Soup. I will be cooking 2 portions, one for my Samurai and one for me.


First soak 3 TBS Dried Prawns in tap water for 10 mins. Next, crack open the Salted Eggs. Separate stems from leaves from Fresh Mints.


Cooking in progress

To cook one portion of Fresh Mint Soup, heat up 1 tsp Sunflower Oil, drop in half portion of Dried Shrimps to saute till fragrant. Add in a little Pepper.

Drop in Mint leaves stems to saute for 1 min and add in 600ml water. Close the lid and bring to boil for 3 mins.

Cooking in progress
Put in leaves of mint leaves and 1 salted egg

Discard stems and pour in Mint Leaves and 1 Salted Egg to cook through. Finally, add in Himalayan Pink Salt to taste.

Fresh Mint Soup
Serve this Fresh Mint Soup piping hot

Off heat and serve Fresh Mint Soup piping hot with some Pepper. A very simple and easy to cook yummy soup which I hope you will cook in your kitchen.


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