Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)

Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)
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Konnichiwa (Good day). Blessed Friday from Singapore though my heart is thinking of my family in Japan. Readers, wherever you are, please stay safe. Today, I am making myself a “Amakuchi Chawanmushi(Sweet Taste Egg Custard Steamed In a Bowl) as my comfort food to start my day.


Ingredients for Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)

For ingredients, I need 1 large size Egg, 10g Raw Sugar, 1/2 Cup Milk and 1 tsp Goji Berries. I also need 1 bowl, 1 strainer and 1 mini whisk.


Cooking in progress

First boil some water in a wok.

Cooking in progress

Next, whisk Egg, Raw Sugar and Milk together to dissolve Sugar. Do not create too much foam by whisking. Pass the liquid through a strainer into a bowl.

Cooking in progress

After that, cover the bowl with Cling Wrap and send to steam over boiling water for 4 mins.

Cooking in progress
Leave a small gap between the lid and wok so that hot steam can escape.

After 4 mins, open the lid to check if a film has set on the surface of the custard. Lower heat, leave a small gap so that hot steam will escape. Continue steaming for another 3 mins till the surface is completely set.

Adding of Goji Berries to Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)

Remove Cling Wrap and carefully display a HEART sign on the custard using Goji Berries. Wipe the lid to remove condensation of steam and continue steaming with a small gap left opened for a further 1 minute to heat the Goji Berries.

Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard)

You can see me waiting patiently in my cozy kitchen. Off heat and serve this Amakuchi Chawanmushi (Sweet Egg Custard) piping hot.


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