Shiro-Negi Niku Don (Japanese Leek & Beef on rice)

Shiro-Negi Niku Don (Japanese Leek & Beef on rice)
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From Singapore my Home Sweet Home sharing with you “Shiro-Negi Niku Don” (Japanese Leek & Beef on rice) which I cooked.


Ingredients for Shiro-Negi Niku Don

I have 200g thinly sliced Beef which I seasoned with store bought Teriyaki Sauce.

I also need one thumb sized Ginger cut to thin slices, 2 stalks Shiro-Negi (Japanese Leek) and 2 medium Tomatoes.

Other ingredients include 1 TBS Sunflower Oil, 1 tsp Sesame Oil, 1 TBS Mirin, 1 TBS *Yamasa brand Shoyu (Japanese Soya Sauce).

Ingredients for Shiro-Negi Niku Don

First I cut Shiro-Negi, divide the green from the white part, then cut to diagonal slices. Next, cut Tomatoes to slices and Ginger to thin slices


Cooking in progress

First heat up 1 TBS Sunflower Oil with 1 tsp Sesame Oil in a non stick fry pan. Drop in Ginger slices to saute till fragrant is released.

Cooking in progress

Next, add in white part of Japanese Leek (Shiro-Negi) to saute till fragrant released. After that add in Tomatoes to toss in the heat, cover with lid and wait till Tomatoes become soft.

Cooking in progress

Open lid and add in the seasoned Beef thin slices to cook.

Add in 1 TBS Mirin and 1 TBS Shoyu (Japanese Soya Sauce). Toss well till colour of Beef changes. Add in remaining Green part of Leek and wait for 1 to 2 minutes to just cooked. Off heat and ready for plating.

Filling up rice for Shiro-Negi Niku Don

I am using a Japanese DONBURI bowl. Fill up with some cooked “3 Kinds Rice”.

Shiro-Negi Niku Don (Japanese Leek & Beef on rice)

Top up with the cooked Beef, Leek n Tomatoes. My yummy “Shiro-Negi Niku Don” (Japanese Leek & Beef on rice) is ready for the two lovebirds. Itadakimasu! (Let’s eat).

How to cook “3 Kinds Rice”

To cook the “3 Kinds Rice”, I am using a combination of Brown Rice, Thai Riceberry and Japanese Short Grain Rice to cook together. I rinse half cup Brown Rice, half cup Thai Riceberry Rice and 1 cup Japanese Short Grain Rice together. Drain dry and cook in the electric rice cooker with 2 1/2 cups water. It takes 30 mins to get the rice cooked.


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