Spinach & Shirasu with Rice in Donburi Bowl

Spinach & Shirasu with Rice in Donburi Bowl
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Eating Light & Healthy tonight. I serve Spinach topped with Shirasu (Mini Silver Fish) with Rice in a Donburi Bowl to my Samurai.

Preparation & Cooking:

Dried Shirasu (Mini Silver Fish)
Dried Shirasu (Mini Silver Fish)

This dinner is simple to prepare as A,B,C. First I heat up some rice from my fridge.

Then in a non stick fry pan I roast 3 TBS Dried Shirasu without oil till fragrant. Remove to a dish.

Rinse and drain 1 packet of Spinach. Divide stems from leaves.

Cooking in progress

Using the same pan I put in Spinach Stems to heat up for 1 min then add in Spinach Leaves, toss and cover the lid. Leave it to heat up for 2 mins and off heat.

Arrange hot rice in a Donburi Bowl, fill it with Spinach, top up the centre with roasted Shirasu Mini Silver Fish. Ready to serve. A yummy nutritious meal is ready.

My Samurai mixed 1 small tub of Natto (fermented soy beans) with the attached Seasoning sauce with Nori Paste to eat with the rice.

My portion is without rice as I had something to bite 30 mins before dinner.

Hope you like my Recipe.


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