Savoury Papaya White Fungus Mushroom Dried Prawns Soup

Savoury Papaya White Fungus Mushroom Dried Prawns Soup
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Usually in Asian kitchens people cooks White Fungus & Papaya to make a sweet Dessert Soup but today I am making a Savoury Soup. Cooked Savoury Papaya White Fungus Mushroom Dried Prawns Soup. Peppery and yummy. Don’t be fooled by the bright orange colour of this Hong Kong Papaya which I bought on Redmart Online more than 1 week ago. I used it for cooking because it has just ripen and is still too firm to eat as fruit.


I have half Papaya, it looks Orange when I cut opened but don’t be fooled by the look because it is still too firm and raw to be eaten as fruit.

Also, I presoaked 2 florets of White Fungus (銀耳 in Chinese), 3 Dried Mushrooms and 3 TBS Dried Prawns. I also have 2 slices Ginger.

When the White Fungus expands, I cut away the hard stems below and tear to smaller florets. Cut away the stem from Mushrooms, then cut each mushroom to 2 pieces. Remove skin from Papaya, scoop away the seeds and cut to big pieces.

For condiments, I need 1 tsp Sunflower Oil, 1/3 cup Hua Teow Wine, Himalayan Pink Salt for flavouring and a few dashes of Pepper.

After soaking the Dried Prawns for 15 mins I am ready to start cooking..


Cooking in progress

First heat up 1 tsp Sunflower Oil in a VISION Pot, saute Ginger till fragrant, then add in Dried Prawns to saute for 2 minutes.

Cooking in progress

Next, add in 5 cups Water and bring to a rapid boil. Drop in Mushrooms, White Fungus and Papaya, cover with lid and boil in high heat for 15 mins.

Cooking in progress

Open the lid, add in 1/3 cup Hua Teow Wine. Add in Himalayan Pink Salt to taste and a few dashes of Pepper. Off heat.

Adding in tung hoon

For those who prefer to add Tung hoon (Mungbean Noodle), you can add in 1 small bundle at the last 3 mins just to heat through.

Savoury Papaya White Fungus Mushroom Dried Prawns Soup

Ready to serve piping hot. This portion of Savoury Papaya White Fungus Mushroom Dried Prawns Soup serves 2 persons.


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