Facebook Posts: 09 to 10 June 2020

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A collection of CATherina Hosoi’s facebook posts from 09 June 2020, Tuesday to 10 June 2020, Wednesday

09 June 2020 Tuesday

Tau Sar Piah


Feeling so blessed to have good friend purposely went to the famous LOONG FATT Tau Sar Piah Q-up to buy and special delivered to me. Counting my blessings every moment. Feel loved.


Our Lunch

Spinach Cheesey Pizza
Spinach Cheesey Pizza

Still resting my pulled muscle on my left leg. No cooking but took out my frozen Pizza to bake. It only took 20 mins baking straight from freezer at 200 degree Celsius.

I usually prepared some Spinach Cheesey Pizzas and freeze them to be ready for baking anytime. So it is helpful for me today. I usually make a dough to make Pizza base, then for topping I put lots of Spinach, Cheddar Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese with seasonings, wrap up with cling wrap and store in freezer.

Instant Wakame White Sesame Seeds sou

I also made an Instant Wakame White Sesame Seeds soup. Very easy, just pour hot boiling water into a sachet of instant granules. Still good yummy meal we enjoy. Hope my pulled muscle will be healed soon.


My Childhood’s Photo

CATherina Hosoi

For those who have met up with me personally, can you recognise this little girl?
It’s me! My Mom loved me so much she always tied up my hair with matching ribbons to match my dress.


10 June 2020 Wednesday

Recipe Sharing: Fried Mah Mee

Fried Mah Mee

My Lots of Ingredients Fried Mah-Mee is so-o-o-o delicious and I want to share with all of you how I cooked in my Singapore kitchen. (read more…)

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CATherina Hosoi

Hello from Singapore.
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Ubudgreen Resort Villas

Ubud Green

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