Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge

Claypot Riceberries Oyster Porridge
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This is A Real Keeper for those who love Oysters. I just created this recipe Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge to share to all readers from my kitchen in Singapore.

ingredients for Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge

First rinse 1/2 cup of Thai Riceberry. Using an Electric Pressure to cook, add in Riceberry and 3 1/2 cup water to cook. Set the timing to 20 mins for pressure cooking.

Ingredients for Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge

Meantime take out 10 Jumbo sized Oysters without shells from freezer. Grate 1 thumb size Ginger to paste and add it to the Oysters. Also add 2 TBS Cooking Sake to Oysters to marinate

ingredients for Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge

While waiting for the Thai Riceberry Porridge to be cooked, cut 1/3 long Nagaimo (Huai Shan 淮山 in Chinese) by removing the skin and cut to thick slices. Cut 1 Leek to slices.

Cooking in progress

When the porridge is cooked, transfer to a Claypot, drop in some Leek to cook together with Nagaimo till fragrance is released.

Cooking in progress

Add in the Oysters with marinade, add in 1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt, 1/2 tsp Sugar and boil till Oysters plump up showing they are totally cooked.

Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge
Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge is ready

Garnish with remaining Leek and a dash of Pepper. Serve this Claypot Riceberry Oyster Porridge Piping hot. This is our dinner tonight.


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