Simple Japanese ZOSUI

Simple Zosui
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Blessed Wednesday from my Home Sweet Home in Singapore. I cook a light Japanese meal known as ZOSUI (Rice Porridge) for my Samurai.


I am using 300ml *Mizkan brand Tonkotsu Nabe Tsuyu (Pork based Hotpot base) with 500ml water to make the base of ZOSUI.

I have 1 tube Silken Tofu which I cut to rounds, a few stalks of Xiao Bai Cai (小白菜 in Chinese) which I divide the white stems from the green leaves. You can use any green veggies you like or have, eg Spinach too.

I also have 1 rice bowl of cooked Short Grain Rice, 2 TBS Goji Berries and a sheet of Yaki Nori (Roasted Seaweed or Sea Laver).


Cooking in progress

First boil up the Hotpot Base with Water and *Mizkan brand Tonkotsu Nabe Tsuyu, drop in Silken Tofu to heat up.

Cooking in progress

Then followed by Veggie White Stems and rice to boil for 2 mins.

Cooking in progess

After that drop in Green Leaves and Red Goji Berries to cook for 1 minutes.

Simple Japanese Zosui is almost done

Lastly tear in the Nori and off heat.

Simple Japanese Zosui

Serve immediately. You need not add any Salt or other seasoning because the Hotpot Base is flavourful enough. This portion of Simple Japanese ZOSUI serves a big bowl for my Samurai.


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