Healthy Breakfast: Okra Sandwich

Healthy Breakfast: Okra Sandwich
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Stay Calm, Stay Safe. Blessed Thursday from my kitchen in Singapore. Making a simple yet healthy breakfast: Okra Sandwich to build up my immunity.


Okra cut to rings

I have 3 Okra (ladies’ fingers) which I cut to rings, beat up 1 Egg with a little Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper and a slice of Wholemeal Bread.


Cooking Okra

First, I heat up 1 tsp Butter on a non stick small fry pan, saute Okra for 1 min.

Cooking in progress

Next, pour beaten Egg on top and fry for 1 minute.

Cooking in progress

Place a slice of Wholemeal Bread on top, turn heat to low and cover with lid.

Almost done: Okra Sandwich
QP l/2 Mayonnaise

When you start able to smell the fragrance from the Egg, off heat n transfer to a plate. Garnish with Fresh Coriander Leaves and dribble a little QP brand “QP HALF” Japanese Mayonnaise over.

Healthy Breakfast: Okra Sandwich

You can flip to half to sandwich the bread inside and serve.

Healthy Breakfast: Okra Sandwich set

I am pairing my Healthy Breakfast: Okra Sandwich with my Nescafe Gao Siew Dai (it means strong with less Sugar) & a glass of homemade 2F (2nd Fermentation) of Pineapple & Ginger Kombucha. What do you have to start your day?


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