Meatless Japanese Curry Rice

Meatless Japanese Curry Rice
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Few days ago, I cooked a meatless Japanese Curry rice dish for my loved ones for lunch using HOUSE Brand Kiwadachi Kare which I bought from Meidiya supermarket some time back.


First I cooked some non rinse Koshihigari Rice from Niigata prefecture from Japan.

Cut one slab Taukwa
Cut 1 slab of Taukwa 豆干 to dices

Next I cut One slab of Taukwa (firm tofu) 豆干 to dices.

Ingredients for Meatless Japanese Curry Rice
Ingredients: Taukwa, Brinjal and Red cut Chillie

Cut One Big Brinjal to bite size. Cut 2 Red Chillie to strip.

House Brand Kiwadachi Curry
HOUSE Brand Kiwadachi Curry

I also have a packet of House Brand Kiwadachi Curry. One packet is for 4 servings.


Pan frying Dice Taukwa

First, Pan fried diced Taukwa in 2 TBS Oil till golden, dish them out for later use.

Saute Brinjal

In the same fry pan using remaining Oil, saute cut Brinjal. Then threw in 200ml water, cover with lid to boil till Brinjal is 70% cooked.

Cooking Meatless Japanese Curry Rice

Add in 1 packet of HOUSE Brand Kiwadachi Kare. Combine in the golden Taukwa and 2 cut Red Chillies.

Meatless Japanese Curry Rice is almost done

Add with 750ml water and simmer cooked till gravy gets thicker and Brinjal are thoroughly cooked.

Meatless Japanese Curry Rice

Ready to serve with the Koshihigari Rice garnished with Red Pickled Ginger (Beni Shoga) as I had run out of Fukujin Tsuke. (Japanese Curry is usually served with Fukujin Tsuke 福神渍, a Japanese redish made from pickled Daikon, cucumber or lotus roots)。

This Meatless Japanese Curry Rice is Super oishii……

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