Facebook Posts: 04 to 05 June 2020

Wedding anniversary 2020
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A collection of CATherina Hosoi’s facebook posting from 04 June 2020, Thursday to 05 June 2020, Friday

04 June 2020 Thursday

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary 2020

Today is our 47th Wedding anniversary. Starting a fresh 48th years together. May God bless us abundantly.


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CATherina Hosoi

Hello from Singapore.
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05 June 2020 Friday

Thank you

Dear all, both Samurai n I wish to thank all for the blessings n good wishes sent to us on our 47th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. We feel your love for us. Due to FB technical problems we are unable to thank one by one.

Ubud Green Resort Villas

Ubud Gree Resort Villa

A perfect romantic setting for your Love Stay experience at Ubud Green Resort, Bali. Find us at www.ubudgreen.com
This resort is designed by my Samurai. Please take a look at the website.

Our Lunch

Niku Jaga
Niku Jaga (Beef Stew with Potato and Onion)

We are enjoying our home cooked Japanese All Time Favourite Niku Jaga (Literally means Meat Potato). In this case we are using Sukiyaki cut Beef to braised with Onion, Potatoes, Carrots and Shirataki Noodle in flavourful sauce. My Samurai enjoys this Mama’s flavour.


Bai Yun Zhu Shou Part 2

Remember I posted 1 or 2 days ago on my “1 Stone 2 Birds” boiling of Pig Trotter (Pig Feet) to make a pot of Creamy Whitish full of Collagen soup as 1st process to making the Cantonese Famous Dish 白云猪手Bai Yun Zhou Shou (Literally translated as White Cloud Pig Trotter).

Now I am showing you with the 2nd process, i.e. how to prepare the pickling liquid to soak the boiled and softened Trotters.

In a pot I bring 1,000ml Water to boil with 350ml Rice Vinegar, 450g Sugar or Rock Sugar, 1 TBS Salt, 3 Fresh Red Chillies & 1 Lemon Peel or Orange Peel without the white bitter part. Boil till sugar melted and leave to cool completely.

Then put in the cooked Trotter and leave to chill together with the pickling liquid in the fridge for 1 or 2 days before you enjoy eating. This is a very good appetiser often served in Chinese banquets.

Click here for the full recipe on Bai Yun Zhu Shou


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