Bai Yun Zhu Shou

Bai Yun Zhu Shou
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My “One Stone Two Birds” Cooking. Boiling Pig’s Trotter to do a traditional Famous Cantonese dish 白云猪手Bai Yun Zhu Shou, literally translated as White Cloud Pig’s Trotter.

Part 1

Ingredients for Bai Yun Zhu Shou

This is the 1st process of Cooking this 白云猪手Bai Yun Zhu Shou. I have 1Kg Pig Trotter chopped to big bites and 8 slices of Ginger.

First, I marinate Pig Trotters with 1 TBS Salt. Next, fill up 12 cups of Water in my Vision Pot and bring to a rapid boil. Than, drop in Trotters and Ginger.

Removing scums
Removing scums from the soup

Keep boiling over strong heat for 30 mins. Remove the scums. Then turn to low heat and continue simmering for 45 mins.

Cooking in progress

Remove the Trotters to cool and be ready with 2nd process of pickling.

Keep the soup cool and chill in fridge to remove the fat layer later. This soup can be used for other cooking. That’s why I said “One Stone Two Birds”. To throw away the soup will be a big waste. It’s a NO NO in my kitchen.

Part 2

Remember I posted earlier on my “1 Stone 2 Birds” boiling of Pig Trotter (Pig Feet) to make a pot of Creamy Whitish full of Collagen soup as 1st process to making the Cantonese Famous Dish 白云猪手 Bai Yun Zhou Shou (Literally translated as White Cloud Pig Trotter).

Now I am showing you with the 2nd process, i.e. how to prepare the pickling liquid to soak the boiled and softened Pig Trotters.

Cooking in progress

In a pot I bring 1,000ml Water to boil with 350ml Rice Vinegar, 450g Sugar or Rock Sugar, 1 TBS Salt, 3 Fresh Red Chillies & 1 Lemon Peel or Orange Peel without the white bitter part.

Pickling in progress

Boil till the sugar has melted and leave to cool completely. Then put in the cooked Trotter and leave to chill together with the pickling liquid in the fridge for 1 or 2 days before you enjoy eating.

Bai Yun Zhu Shou

Bai Yun Zhu Shou is a very good appetiser often served in Chinese banquets.
This dish is reputed to have originated on Baiyun Mountain and hence, derives its name from the locale. In this dish the bone and flesh on the trotter are easily separated. The skin is tender and the flesh, crispy. This dish goes very nicely with wine and is said to improve the complexion and to help maintain a sense of youthfulness.


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