Barley Grain Fried Rice with Smoked Sausage

Barley Grain Fried Rice with Smoked Sausage
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Found some smoked sausages tucked in my fridge, so decided to make a Japanese Style Fried Rice using Barley Grains to go with my sausages.


Ingredients for Barley Grain Fried Rice with Smoked Sausage

I have some boiled Barley Grains blessed by my friend, Susan Tan. If not, usually, I would save the Barley Grains from boiling Barley water/drink. Than I would keep the grains in freezer and thaw when needed. Barley is a good source of fibre and is low in GI.

First I cut 1 small bundle of Spring Onion to short length and divided white part from green part. Next I cut 3 Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms to julienne, 1 Red Chillie to short strips. Also cut 2 slices Back Bacon to short strips.

For seasoning, I am using 1 sachet Japanese “Cha-Han” seasoning granules Cha-Han means Fried Rice in Japanese. For those living in Singapore you can get this from Don Donki.


Boiling Smoked Sausages

First, I boiled 4 pcs Johnsonville brand Smoked Sausages in water, each of us will get two each.

Cooking Barley Grain Fried Rice

First heat up 1 TBS Butter, saute white part of Spring Onion and Red Chillie, next add in Bacon to fragrant.

Cooking Barley Grain Fried Rice

Then add in the boiled Barley Grains, 1 sachet Japanese “Cha-Han” seasoning granules and Shiitake Mushrooms. Mix well and cook till Barley Grains are heated up. Lastly off the fire and add in green part of Spring Onion to toss well.

Barley Grain Fried Rice with Smoked Sausage and pickled carrot
Barley Grain Fried Rice with Smoked Sausage

Ready to serve with boiled Sausages and some pickled Carrot which I made.

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