You Tiow with a twist

You Tiow with a twist
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Blessed Tuesday. Got up very late and having my late Breakfast or Brunch now with a cup of Horlick. Making You Tiow (Chinese Cruller) with a twist today.


I have 1/4 cut of You Tiow 油条 (Chinese Cruller), which I scissor cut to rings. As you know, You Tiow comes in pairs and about 12 inches long. I always cut them to 6 inches and freeze it in freezer to be ready for anytime cooking.

I also have 1 Egg, 1 TBS Goji Berries and 1 TBS Butter.


Cooking in progress

Heat up a small pan with Butter and pan fried You Tiow both side.

Cooking in progress

Then beat up 1 Egg with a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt and drop on top of You Tiow.

Cooking in progress

Lastly, sprinkle Goji Berries over. When the egg starts to set, cover with a glass lid, turn heat to low till the egg is completely set.

You Tiow with a twist

Off heat and transfer to a plate to serve. You Tiow with a twist is done. My nice way to start my day.


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