Sunny side up with Red & Greens

Sunny side up with Red & Greens
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Blessed Sunday to all. Sharing with you what I cooked for breakfast, a simple dish of Sunny side up with Red & Green. I serve it with a glass of 100% Natural Coconut water and a cup of of Teh Tarik.

What is Teh Tarik? It is a South East Asian style Milk Tea. Tarik means to pull and the traditional way is to make Tea Tarik is to combine Tea with Milk in a mug and our it from high to get the pull effect.


Ingredients for Sunny side up with veggies
Ingredients for Sunny side up with veggies: one Egg, Store bought Salmon Flakes, some Enoki mushrooms, 2 Long beans and 1 tsp Butter

For my Sunny Side Up Egg with Veggies, I had one Egg (about 60g).

For the green, I have 2 Long Beans cut to 1 cm length. For the red, I have some Fukujin Tsuke, (Japanese redish made from pickled Daikon, Cucumber, lotus root etc).

Other ingredients include a small bunch of Enoki Mushroom cut to shorter length, 2 tsp Japanese Store bought Bottled Salmon Flakes and 1 tsp Butter.


Cooking in progress

Heat up Butter, saute Long Bean till cooked.

Cooking in progress

Next, add a little Himalayan Pink Salt and Enoki Mushroom to heat through. After that, make a hole and crack in an Egg to make Sunny Side Up. Scatter Salmon Flakes around and wait till Egg is cooked.

Sunny side up with veggies

Serve by garnishing with some Japanese Red Pickled Redish known as Fukujin Tsuke. Pretty to look at and yummy in taste too. I am from Singapore. Hope you follow the recipe to cook this dish in your kitchen.

I serve my Sunny side up with Red & Green with a glass of 100% Natural Coconut water and a cup of of Teh Tarik.

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