Self Made Roselle Jam

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I made my own Roselle Jam from scratch. I was blessed with some freshly harvested Roselle by Ah Bee, my ex participant of my Cooking Workshops. She grows Roselle in her Lim Chu Kang nursery.


Freshly harvested Roselle
Freshly harvested Roselle

First rinse 500g Fresh Roselle. In Mandarin it is known as Mei Gui Qie 玫瑰茄.

Use a small knife to cut off a little from the bottom, slit the petals open to remove the seeds.

Then use a heavy object to crack open the seeds.


Boil the cracked seeds of Roselle with 2 cups water
Boil the cracked seeds of Roselle with 2 cups water

First bring the cracked seeds to a quick boil with 2 cups water, lower heat and continue boiling for 15 mins.

Strain the Roselle Seeds broth

Strain the broth to get pectin.

Boil the Roselle Petals with 4 cups water
Boil the Roselle Petals with 4 cups water

In the same pot put in Roselle petals with 4 cups water. Bring to a quick boil then lower heat to boil for 15 mins till petals become soft. Off fire and use a blender to blend the mixture till fine.

Cooking Roselle Jam

Transfer the blended mixture to a big pot.

iLite Cook & Bake Stevia

Add in the Pectin broth, 1/2 cup I.LITE Brand Bake & Cook Sugar Replacement Stevia (or use 1/2 cup Brown Sugar or Rock Sugar), 1/4 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt and bring to a rapid boil first.

Cooking Roselle Jam

After boil, lower heat to medium, keep stirring for nearly 30 mins till the Roselle Jam becomes thick.

Self made Roselle Jam

Scoop into sanitized bottles, screw tight and turn the bottles up side down, keep on table top till completely cooled down and transfer to the chiller to chill.

My self Made Roselle Jam is ready. It is a good spread on toasted Breads with Cream Cheese.

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