Salmon Fish Head Casserole

Salmon Fishhead Casserole
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Today I’m showing you my casserole cooking from my kitchen in Singapore to all readers here. It’s Japanese cooking of Salmon Fish Head Casserole.


I will be using half of a grilled Salmon Fishhead which I kept in my freezer, and 1 cup cooked Barley Grains also from my freezer.

I also have 1 tube Silken Tofu which I cut to rounds, half cup of frozen Wakame (seaweed) rinsed and cut short and 1/3 roll of Pink Japanese Naruto (aka Narutomaki) Fish Cake cut to slices. (Japanese Fish Cake is also known as kamaboko)

For the broth, I get ready 3 TBS Konbu Tsuyu (Sea Kelp Flavoured Cooking Sauce). I also have 1 TBS Mirin (Japanese sweetened Cooking Wine) ready.


Cooking in progress
Konbu Tsuyu (Sea Kelp Flavoured Cooking Sauce)

You can use a Nabe (Japanese Hotpot or Casserole) or just use any pot to cook this. First fill in 900ml water n bring to a quick boil, then add in 3 TBS Konbu Tsuyu to make a broth.

Cooking in progress

Add in the grilled half Salmon Fishhead and 1 TBS Mirin, bring to boil over medium heat for 5 minutes till flavour is released into the broth.

Cooking in progress

Add in 1 cup cooked Barley Grains, the rinsed and cut Wakame, Silken Tofu rounds and Naruto Fish Cake slices. Boil for another 5 minutes, off heat and transfer all into a big soup bowl. Serve piping hot. This portion serve 2 pax. No salt needed as the Konbu Tsuyu is salty.

Salmon Fish Head Casserole
Salmon Fish Head Casserole is done!

You can pour some Ponzu Sauce (citrus dipping sauce) in a small bowl for dipping the fishhead when you eat.

Tips: I usually save the Barley Grains after boiling Barley as a drink and reserve it for cooking as it is a good source of fibers. To throw away is a waste.


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