Red Spinach Soup & Boiled Gong Gong

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Recipe Sharing Time: Evonne my Sister-in-Christ blessed me with some Gong Gong ( 贡贡 in Mandarin, aka Pearl conch) and a big bundle of Red Spinach. Decided to cook two dish, a Red Spinach Soup & Boiled Gong Gong

Cooking of Gong Gong:

Cooking Gong Gong

To cook Gong Gong, I first bring 500ml water with 1 head of whole Garlic (just remove skin and separate Garlic) with 1 thumb sized cut Ginger to boil in water with lid cover for 5 mins.

Open Lid and add in 1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt and Gong Gong, cover the lid and simmer cook with low fire for 8 mins.

Cooking Gong Gong

Ready to serve by adding 1 bundle of Green Coriander Leaves.

Cooking of Red Spinach Soup:

A big bundle of Red Spinach

For Red Spinach rinse well and cut away roots.

Cooking Red Spinach Soup

Bring 300ml water to boil with Red Spinach with lid covered for 5 mins. Open lid and add in 3 TBS of Japanese Shirasu 小銀鱼。

Red Spinach Soup with Shirasu
Red Spinach Soup with Shirasu

Cover lid and simmer cook for 2 mins. No salt is needed as Shirasu is salty. Open lid and cut Red Spinach with scissors, ready to serve with the Red soup together.

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Mala Fried Beancurd (soya stick)
Mala Fried Beancurd (soya stick)

We also have stored bought Mala flavoured Soya Sticks, 麻辣腐竹。

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