Atsuage Konnyaku

Atsuage Konnyaku
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Japanese Mothers love to do NIMONO (Simmer Cook) dishes as Home-style Cooking. I cook this dish known as Atsuage Konnyaku for my beloved Samurai.


Atsuage  (Golden Deep Fried Tofu)
Atsuage (Golden Deep Fried Tofu)

Atsuage is Golden Deep Fried Tofu which I bought a packet from Japanese supermarket.

Konnyaku Noodle (Shirataki)

I am also using a packet (200g) of Konnyaku Noodle (it is made from Arum Root, ready bought from Japanese supermarket too).

First I remove the soaking liquid from Konnyaku Noodle then blanch in hot boiling water, drain and rinse with tap water. This will remove the smell from the soaking liquid.

Blanched Konnyaku noodle & prepared Atsuage (Deep Fried Golden Tofu)

I also pour hot boiling water over Atsuage to remove the oil and cut to small triangular pieces.


Cooking in progress

In a non stick fry pan, I heat up 1 TBS Sunflower Oil with 1 TBS Sesame oil, saute the drained Konnyaku noodle for 2 mins then add in the Atsuage pieces to fry together.

*Mizkan Brand Oigatsuo sauce (Bonito flavour cooking sauce)
*Mizkan Brand Oigatsuo sauce (Bonito flavour cooking sauce)
*Hinode Brand Mirin (Japanese sweetened Rice Wine)
*Hinode Brand Mirin (Japanese sweetened Rice Wine)

Then pour in 1/2 cup *Mizkan Brand Oigatsuo sauce (Bonito flavour cooking sauce), 1/4 cup *Hinode Brand Mirin (Japanese sweetened Rice Wine), 1/4 cups water, cover with lid and simmer till sauce becomes nearly dry.

Atsuage Konnyaku

Then add in some cut Spring Onion just to heat through. Off heat and ready to serve this dish of Atsuage Konnyaku. Simple yet tasty. Konnyaku has ZERO Calorie.


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