A Well Prepared Ahead Dish

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Recipe to share on the preparation of 长备菜,”Chang Bei Cai” meaning A Well Prepared Ahead Dish which I often do in my cosy kitchen.


Ingredients for A Well Prepared Ahead Dish
Narcissus Brand Spiced Pork Cubes

I have 500g sliced Pork, a small can of Narcissus Brand Spices Pork Cubes 五香肉丁, 2 Onions, 5 stalks white part of Spring Onion and 1 fresh Red Chillie.

First season Sliced Pork with half tsp Salt, 1 TBS Sugar, 3 TBS Hua Teow Wine and 2 TBS Cornstarch.

Cut Onions, White part of Spring onion and Red Chillie to smaller size.


Sauting Onion and Pork slices

Heat up a non stick wok with 2 TBS Sunflower Oil.

First saute Onion till fragrant then add in sliced Pork to saute till colour changed.

Cooking A Well Prepared Ahead Dish

Add in 1 small can Spices Pork Cubes, white part Spring Onion and cut Red Chillie.

A Well Prepared Ahead Dish

Toss well and simmer with 1/4 cups water for 5 mins.

A Well Prepared Ahead Dish

Off heat and transfer to 2 tupperwares to keep in chiller for using in busy day to match with other veggies or as toppings for Noodles or Rice. Very convenient.

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