“3 Kinds Rice” & Barley Grain with Fish Otak Otak

"3 Kinds Rice" & Barley Grain with Fish Otak Otak
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With God’s wisdom I created a new dish “Fried 3 kinds Rice & Barley Grain with Fish Otak Otak (Savoury Fish Pudding Cake), Prawns and Asparagus”.


Ingredients for "3 Kinds Rice" & Barley Grain with Fish Otak Otak

I used 1 small tub of my cooked 3 Kinds Rice (refer to recipe here) which I cooked two days ago and freeze it. Also, in my freezer, 1 have a small tub of cooked Barley Grains. (Yes, Barley Grain which I saved from boiling Barley water. Do not waste food!) I thawed both before using.

Fish Otak Otak
I used this Fish Otak Otak
Fish Otak Otak
The Fish Otak Otak look like this when open up

Other ingredients include a packet of Fish Otak Otak, 5 Asparagus which I cut to 1 cm thick rings, 150g Prawns (without shell) which I marinate with some salt and pepper.


Cooking in progress

First pan fry the slap of Fish Otak Otak in 2 TBS Sunflower Oil till both sides are golden brown. Dish out from fry pan.

Cooking in progress

Use the same oil in the pan to fry the 3 Kinds Rice (Brown Rice, Thai RiceBerry & Japanese Short Grain Rice) with Barley Grains.  

When all nicely tossed and heated up, drop in the Prawns to saute till colour changes and cooked.

Than, add in Asparagus to saute till nicely cooked.

Lastly, add in 1/2 TBS Light Soya Sauce, toss well and off heat.

"3 Kinds Rice" & Barley Grain with Fish Otak Otak

Ready for plating with cut Fish Otak Otak as in the photos. This dish tastes yummy and innovative.   This “3 Kinds Rice” & Barley Grain with Fish Otak Otak is for 2 persons servings.


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